Unconnected Micklethwaits

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Banks Hall, Cawthorne, Yorkshire

The following people have not yet been added to any of the trees on this site.

To date, it has not been possible to prove a connection between them and any of our ancestors. However, there is little doubt that if not all, certainly many of the earlier Micklethwaits, are our ancestors because the majority of them originated from the area of Gunthwaite / Cawthorne and Ingbirchworth in Yorkshire.

11th Century

In Hunter’s South Yorkshire, we find the following statements:

  • JM1001 – In Gunthwaite deeds, there is a reference to three generations of Micklethwaits before the time of Edward I (1272–1307). Namely: Roger de Micklethwait, his son John and grandson Baldwin. Find out more about him on the Homes and Churches page.
  • JM1002 – In Dodsworth’s deeds, Adam de Micklethwait and his son John are mentioned. Adam is said to have had a good estate and to have married Susanna, daughter of John de Langdale.

13th Century

The Inquisitions Post Mortem records (1236–1432) for the county of Yorkshire list:

  • JM1003 – Walter de Mickelthwayt in 1277. He is mentioned on the Origin & History page.
  • JM1004 – Robert de Mikelthwayt in 1303. He is mentioned on the Origin & History page.
  • JM1005 – Another de Mekilthwayt in 1304. He is mentioned on the Origin & History page.

During the time of Edward I (1272–1307), the Yorkshire Archaeological Society’s record series,Yorkshire Lay Subsidy Volume XX1 lists the following:

  • JM1006 – Richard de Micklethwaite at Oulston, Nr Coxwold (p. 86).
  • JM1007 – Elias de Micklethwaite at Sowerby, Nr Thirsk (p. 88).

Dugdale’s visitation of Yorkshire in 1666 published by The Surtees Society in 1859 mentions the following:

  • JM1008 – Adam de Micklethwayt
  • JM1009 – His son Henricus de Mickelthwayt
  • JM1010 – William de Michelthwayt
  • JM1011 – His son William de Mickelthwayt
  • JM1012 – Robertus de Micklethwait
  • JM1013 – Joh’es de Mictylthwayt (15th Century)
  • JM1014 – Leonard Micklethwait of Newlay Hall probably received and welcomed Edward I & Queen Eleanor in 1275.

14th Century

The Poll Tax Returns for Yorkshire (1379) referred to:

  • JM1015 – Adam de Mekkelhawath, Magota Mekkelwayth, Johanna de Mickilwayte and William de Mickilwayte. Also William and Joanna at Cawthorne; Adam, Alice and Magota at Ingbirchworth; Alice at Skellow; Robert, Elias and Roger at Clifford, Nr. Boston Spa; Richard at Little Smeaton, Nr Pontefract; William at Arthington; and John at Marston. He is mentioned on the Origin & History page. Find out more about him on the Homes and Churches page.

15th Century

The University of Cambridge publication, Alumni Cantabrigienses – part 1 lists the following:

  • JM1016 – John Micklethwait (born 1486) admitted to Kings College Cambridge in 1504 – a scholar from Eton of Gravesend, Kent.

East Yorkshire published pedigree bearing our family Coat of Arms lists the following:

  • JM36 – John Micklethwait – Born 1460
  • JM36A – Isabel Thornton
  • JM36B – John Micklethwait – Born 1485
  • JM36C – Alice Burnby

16th to 17th Century

East Yorkshire published pedigree bearing our family Coat of Arms lists the following:

  • JM36D – William Micklethwait – Born 1510
  • JM36E – Elizabeth Kellett
  • JM36F – William Micklethwait (1535–1585)
  • JM36G – Ursula Lacy
  • JM36H – Edward Micklethwait – Born 1565
  • JM36J – Ellen Hasterton
  • JM36K – Michael Micklethwait
  • M36L – William Micklethwait
  • JM36M – Robert Wastine or Wasling (1563–1635)
  • JM36N – Elizabeth Micklethwait – Died 1623
  • JM36P – Richard Straker
  • JM36Q – Beatrice Micklethwait
  • JM36R – Thomas Smith
  • JM36S – Margaret Micklethwait
  • JM36T – Thomas Micklethwait
  • JM36U – Edward Micklethwait
  • JM36V – Mary Micklethwait
  • JM36W – Michael Micklethwait
  • JM36X – John Micklethwait

Lincolnshire records list the following Micklethwaits of Walesby:

  • JM1017 – Agnes Micklethwait married Thomas Chapman JM1017A in July 1578.

Lincolnshire Pedigrees Harleian Society’s Publication 1903 – MS. C. 23 Heralds’ College.

  • JM1017A – Thomas Chapman.

On the certificate for a baptism at St Bride, Fleet Street, London on August 1688, the following were named:

  • JM1057 – John Micklethwait – Named as Father
  • JM1057A – Frances – Named as Mother
  • JM1057B – Prince Micklethwait – Baptised
  • JM1057C – Frances Micklethwait – Baptised

Copy of will was obtained dated 1535 for the following:

  • JM404 – Sir William Micklethwait – Chaplain of Cumberworth, Yorkshire

17th Century

The West Riding Muster Rolls (1680) – Part 1 lists:

  • JM1022 – Josias Micklethwait of Cawthorne (Musketeer).

In the Cawthorne Parish Registers 1653–1799, there are 17 entries naming Micklethwaits. The other 13 are shown in the Cawthorne tree, but the following four cannot as yet be added into any of the branches. They are all likely to be related to either Josiah JM500 or Richard JM1025. However, most of the records do not name the parents, so it is not possible to establish in all cases who is related to whom.

  • JM1024 – Mary Micklethwait – Buried 1687
  • JM1024 – Benja Micklethwait – Born 1691
  • JM1024 – Widd Micklethwait – Buried 1691
  • JM1024 – Elizabeth Micklethwait – Married 1711

18th Century

The Felkirk Parish Register shows the following:

  • JMF5 – Richard Micklethwait
  • JMF6 – Unknown – Wife of Richard
  • JMF7 – John Micklethwait – Born 1746
  • JMF8 – John Micklethwait – Born 1749
  • JMF9 – Richard Micklethwait – Born 1751
  • JMF10 – John Ellis
  • JMF11 – Ann Micklethwait – Born 1754
  • JMF12 – Benjamin Micklethwait – Died 1767

Other records from this century include the following:

  • JM1835 – Richard Micklethwait of Water Hall, Penistone. Administration of his will dated 1732 was granted to his widow.
  • JM1835A – Elizabeth Fayram, wife of Richard JM1835.
  • JM1835E – Maria Micklethwait – Baptised 1713. Source: Penistone Parish Register.
  • JM1835B – Richard Micklethwait – Baptised 1715. Source: Penistone Parish Register.
  • JM1835C – Christopher Micklethwait – Baptised 1717. Source: Penistone Parish Register.
  • JM1835D – Joseph Micklethwait (1720 -1723). Source: Penistone Parish Register.

There are also records of numerous other families with the family name Micklethwaite dwelling at places all over South West Yorkshire including Penistone, Barnsley, Mirfield, Denby, Huddersfield, Thornhill, Wakefield, Birstall, Kirkheaton, Bradfield, Hartwith, Hunshelf, Onesacre, Stocksbridge, Woodroyd, Bolsterone, Dewsbury, Fishlake, Kirkburton, Shipton, Honley, Hook and Sandal-Magna.

19th Century

IGI records show the following:

  • JM1906 – Micklethwaits of Cheshire. There are records of Micklethwait families living in Mottram in Longdendale, Tintwistle and Dukinfield.
  • JM1907 – Micklethwaits of Lancashire. There are records of families living in Ashton under Lyne and Denton.

20th Century

The 1901 UK Census lists 75 Micklethwaits ending without an ‘e’ and 547 with an ‘e’. Some of them are included in our family tree charts, others remain unidentified. The study of the 1901 Census together with the 1911 Census is a job for the next generation to undertake!


  • JM1837 – Numerous Micklethwait families lived in Yorkshire at Penistone; Kirkheaton; Bradfield; Hartwith; Hunshelf; Onesacre; Stocksbridge; Woodroyd; Haywoods Park Dewsbury; Fishlake; Kirkburton; Shipton; Henly; Hook and Sandal–Magna.

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