This website tells the story of one Viking family that came to England in the 9th Century and settled in Yorkshire. Today, their descendants are spread around the world and still going strong. This site is a record of the family’s experiences over the centuries.

Extensive family history research has been undertaken to uncover the information given in this site. It details what we know, or think we know, about our ancestors.

In the About section of this site, you can read the scope of this research and how the family coat of arms has changed over the centuries. You can also discover the origin and history of our Micklethwait ancestry.

In the Family trees section, you can look up a particular member of our family by typing their name into the Search box on the Find family members page. You can also browse PDFs of the different branches of the family trees or learn about the unconnected members that have yet to be placed on a branch.

For a quick overview of this site, take a look in the Gallery section, where you will find photos and information about the family’s homes and the churches they attended, as well as a collection of photos of ancestors and relatives.

You can also read about the family in London, about contact with Queen Victoria and see a summary of the leading members of the family whose achievements over the centuries have warranted special mention.

And we now have a Blog section, with articles that take a deeper look at the stories behind the lives of some of our ancestors.

If you wish to view the original source documents used to compile this website, they have been lodged at the North Yorkshire County Records Office.