Branch 4b family members

Photo of village centre
Kellington Village Centre – Credit: Simon Dean CC BY-SA 2.0

Following are the family members of Branch 4b sorted in alphabetical order by first name.

Also, you can see how these family members relate to each other in a PDF of this branch of the family tree. Note: it is best to use the family member’s full name when searching for them on the PDF.

Albert Micklethwaite (1918–1997) JM7708

Albert Micklethwaite (1897) JM6352

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census.

Albert Micklethwaite (1889–1962) JM2823

Birthplace Hull.

Alice Jane Marshall (born 1865) JM1470

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1881 Census.

Alice Irene Micklethwaite (born 1918) JM6365

Andrew Micklethwaite (born 1954) JM6388

Anna Maria Sales JM4216

Source: 1881 Census.

Anne Maria Micklethwaite (born 1845) JM4592

Annie Micklethwaite (born 1891) JM6350

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census.

Arthur Micklethwaite (born 3 Oct 1908) JM6361

Arthur Micklethwaite (born 1886) JM6347

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census.

Ashley Elizabeth Micklethwaite JM6398

Audrey Russell JM6397

Barbara May Chamberlaine (25 Jan 1931 – 6 Feb 1978) JM6417

Beatrice Micklethwaite (born 1902) JM6355

Bernard Micklethwaite (born 25 Oct 1927) JM6371

Bernice Thomas JM6394

Billy Floyd Micklethwaite (born 1981) JM6423

Brian Micklethwaite (born 1938) JM6414

Brian Micklethwaite (born 1938) JM6414

Charles Loversidge (born 1850) JM5963

Charles Micklethwaite (1828–1832) JM5270

Clarence Micklethwaite (1921–1923) JM6367

Clifford Micklethwaite (born 1904) JM6356

Codi Micklethwaite JM6403

Colin Micklethwaite (born 1 Feb 1933) JM6408

David Micklethwaite (born 1948) JM6380

David Micklethwaite (born 11 Aug 1835) JM6357

Doris Micklethwaite (born 1900) JM6354

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census.

Dorothy Gladys Micklethwaite (born 7 Feb 1930) JM6374

Born in Doncaster.

Dorothy Turton (born 1924) JM4023

Married in Basford, Nottinghamshire.

Edith Annie Micklethwaite (born 1874) JM2819

Birthplace Hull. Source: 1881 Census.

Edith Pearson JM6345A

Edna Hickson JM6413

Elaine Gratton JM6421

Elizabeth Ann Micklethwaite JM6396

Ernest Micklethwaite (born 1909) JM6362

Ethel Micklethwaite (born 1888) JM6348

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census.

Florence Bayliss JM6346A

Source: 1911 Census.

Freda Burton JM6381

From Nottingham, UK.

Frederick Micklethwaite (born 22 May 1903) JM6405

Gary John Micklethwaite (born 8 Nov 1959) JM6382

Born in Nottingham, UK in 2008 living in Winnipeg, Canada.

Gary Micklethwaite (born 1951) JM6386

Geoffrey M Richardson (born 1931) JM5901

George Oswald Micklethwaite (born 1885) JM6346

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census. By 1911 Census he was married in Steyning where some of the Faber branch lived.

George William Micklethwaite (22 Aug 1937 – 20 Apr 2008) JM6376

Born in Doncaster, Yorkshire. Emigrated to Canada in 1964. Died in Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada where he was a Reverend for the United Church of Canada.

George William Micklethwaite (born 11 Dec 1859) JM1469

Born at Thorne, Yorkshire.

George Micklethwaite JM6390

George Micklethwaite (born 1911) JM6363

George Micklethwaite (1823–1889) JM1466

Born in Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, Yorkshire. The 1851 Census shows George, his wife Sarah Ann (nee Perfect) born in Knottingly in 1827 and daughter all living at Portland Place, Doncaster. The 1861 Census shows George, his wife and elder two children living at Back Street, Thorne. The 1871 Census shows George at Queen Street, Balby with Hexthorpe, Yorkshire living with the son of first wife and Sarah A. with his second wife. (She had the same first name, initial and age as his first wife but was born in Boston, Lincolnshire). In the 1881 Census, George and his second wife are shown living with their nine-year-old son Jonathan – but no sign of the elder children by this time. The elder children were born some 20 years before Jonathan was born. George was buried in Hyde Park Cemetery, Doncaster on 19 Apr 1889.

Germain JM6351A

Gertrude Ducket JM6406

Glenys (born 8 Feb 1969) JM6411

Gloria Pye JM6402

Harold Micklethwaite (born 26 Oct 1906) JM6359

Born in Doncaster.

Harry Taylor (died 2004) JM6410

Helen Kay Jackson JM6424

Henry Micklethwaite JM6389

Herman Colledge (1909–1986) JM6368

Hilda Micklethwaite (1914–1926) JM7651

Hilda Micklethwaite (born 12 Jul 1905) JM6358

Ivy Micklethwaite (born 1886) JM2822

Birthplace Hull.

Jane Johnson (born 1848) JM2817

Birthplace Thorne. Source: 1881 Census.

Jane Micklethwaite (1848–1880) JM4487

Jeff Campbell JM6401

Jeremy Isombard Ayrton Micklethwaite (born 12 Nov 1991) JM6426

Jim Colledge JM6368A

Joan Laura Baldwin JM6391

Joan Micklethwaite (born 1920) JM7751

Married in Hull, Yorkshire.

Joan Woodward JM6372

John Harrison (born 1845) JM6342

John C Micklethwaite (born 1950) JM1271

John William Micklethwaite (1916–1988) JM7681

John Micklethwaite (1811–1882) JM5204

John Charles Smithson JM6378

Jonathan Micklethwaite (1785–1861) JM635

Baptised in Kellington – married in Wakefield. Also see this ancestor on Branch 4a of the USA family tree.

Jonathan Micklethwaite (1820–1820) JM5232

Jonathan Micklethwaite (1821–1896) JM2422

Baptised at Hatfield near Doncaster. Buried at Thorne. Source: 1881 Census.

Jonathan Micklethwaite (1852–1852) JM2420

Baptised and buried in Thorne near Doncaster.

Jonathan Micklethwaite (born 1871) JM1468

Judith A Cummings (born 1953) JM4900

Married in Southampton.

Kaala Micklethwaite born (26 Apr 1974) JM6422

Laura Esther JM6349A

Linda Jane Micklethwaite (born 9 Dec 1966) JM6384

Born in Vancouver, Canada. In 2008 living in Calgary.

Lydia A Micklethwaite (born 1845) JM4701

Lydia Micklethwaite (born 1876) JM2820

Birthplace Hull Source: 1881 Census.

Margaret Micklethwaite (born 4 Feb 1816) JM5216

Baptised at Kellington. Source: IGI.

Margaret Micklethwaite (born 1931) JM2441

Married in Holderness, Yorkshire.

Margaret Micklethwaite (born 1880) JM1471

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1881 Census.

Marilyn Micklethwaite (born 1958) JM6420

Marjorie Micklethwaite (born 16 Apr 1932) JM6375

Born in Doncaster. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1964.

Mary Nancy Micklethwaite (born 4 Mar 1935) JM6409

Mary Micklethwaite (born 1928) JM7882

Married in Hull, Yorkshire.

Mary Micklethwaite (born 1854) JM4484

Mary Micklethwaite (born 1838) JM3877

Mary Sailes (born 1817) JM3875

Source: Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1660–1689.

Mary Williams (3rd wife) (1802–21 Sep 1831) JM6247

Married in St Swithin’s, Lincoln. Buried at Hatfield.

Mary Woodley (born 1817) JM4483

Matilda E Hailstone (1895 – 1962) JM3519

Married in Sculcoates.

Matthew Russell George Micklethwaite JM6399

Mavis Micklethwaite (born 7 Jul 1927) JM6407

Michael George Hemsley JM6377

Michelle Micklethwaite (born 1949) JM6418

Nancy Sales (4th wife) (born 1786) JM3886

Widow of Jonathan Sales nee Wood. Source: Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1660-1689.

Nora May Micklethwaite (born 1913) JM6364

Norman Micklethwaite (1926 – 29 Sep 2008) JM6370

Patricia Lee JM6400

Paul Micklethwaite (born 1954) JM6392

Peter Rowe JM6416

Richard Micklethwaite (born 1889) JM6349

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census. Will exists.

Richard Micklethwaite (1818–1873) JM2467

Robert F Hobson (born 1920) JM4845

Ronald Beech JM6415

Ronald Micklethwaite (born 13 Apr 1927) JM6373

Rosa May Haywood (born 11 Feb 1908) JM6360

Born in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

Rose A Micklethwaite (12 Sep 1849 – 17 Apr 1944) JM4654

Birthplace Knottingley.

Roy Eric Milnthrop JM6412

Ruth Micklethwaite (1820–1820) JM5233

Baptised and buried at Hatfield near Doncaster. Source: IGI.

Ruth Wilson (2nd wife) (1784–1825) JM5522

Samatha Micklethwaite JM6404

Sarah A Clark (born 1827) JM6427

Married March quarter 1868 in Doncaster 9c 606.

Sarah Micklethwaite (1813–1815) JM5209

Baptised and buried at Bolton Upon Dearne. Source: IGI.

Sarah A Perfect (1827–5 Mar 1867) JM1467

Birthplace Knottingley. Source: 1851 Census. Married in St Giles Parish Church, Pontefract, Yorkshire. Died in Clee, Lincolnshire.

Sethia Micklethwaite (born 1878) JM4215

Source: 1881 Census.

Sheila Carolyn Micklethwaite (born 20 Apr 1943) JM6379

Born in Doncaster. Sheila changed her name by dead poll to Carolyn Day.

Simon Peter Micklethwaite (born 10 Dec 1968) JM6385

Born in Vancouver, Canada. In 2008 living near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Stephen Micklethwaite (born 1959) JM6393

Stuart Harold Micklethwaite (born 30 Mar 1961) JM6383

Born in Nottingham, UK in 2008 living near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Susan Micklethwaite (born 1954) JM6419

Susannah Blakeney (1st wife) (1788 – 14 Apr 1813) JM3181

Married All Saints Wakefield and buried at Bolton Upon Dearne.

Susannah Blakeney Micklethwaite (born 1837) JM5294

Sydney Micklethwaite (born 1919) JM6366

Sydney Micklethwaite (born 1898) JM6353

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census.

Thomas Richard Harold Micklethwaite (18 Aug 1987) JM6425

Thomas Micklethwaite (born 1895) JM6351

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census. Did wonderful work in France in Picardy looking after fleeing troops. He was decorated by General De Gaulle. Lived in St Vallerie-Sur-Somme, Normandy.

Thomas W G Prince (born 1928) JM5164

Tina Lynn Micklethwaite JM6395

Violet Micklethwaite (born 1922) JM6369

William H Micklethwaite (born 1862) JM6345

Birthplace Doncaster. Source: 1901 Census.

William Henry Micklethwaite (2 Jun 1904 – 1904) JM7010

William Micklethwaite (1831–1831) JM5276

Willoughby Micklethwaite (born 1880) JM2821

Birthplace Hull Source: 1881 Census.

Willoughby Micklethwaite (born 1848) JM2818

Source: 1881 Census.

Willoughby Micklethwaite (1830–1831) JM2496