Branch 4a family members

Following are the family members of Branch 4a sorted in alphabetical order by first name.

Also, you can see how these family members relate to each other in a PDF of this branch of the family tree. Note: it is best to use the family member’s full name when searching for them on the PDF.

Addison D Hyde JM684A

Alice Canby Semmes (1913–1995) JM747C

Daughter of Mr and Mrs P Semmes of Baltimore. Social Security number 534-48-5303, which corresponds to Washington.

Amelia Mickelwait JM984T

Ann Beadle JM615C

Married at Kirk Smeaton.

Ann Phyllis Mickelwait (born 1947) JM791C

Ann Mickelwait (born 1871) JM651D

Source: US 1880 Census.

Ann Mickelwait (6 Oct 1861 – 1 Mar 1863) JM654A

Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Ann Mickelwait (22 Jan 1829–1875) JM655

Born in Thorne, Yorkshire and emigrated to the USA in 1831. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa.

Ann Micklethwait (born 4 Jun 1695) JM608

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Ann Micklethwait (born 4 Dec 1717) JM615

Of Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Ann Micklethwait (born 8 Nov 1745) JM623

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Ann Micklethwait (1784) JM634

Baptised in Kellington Parish, Yorkshire.

Ann Micklethwait (14 Mar 1817–1821) JM646

Born in Fishlake Parish, Yorkshire and died in England.

Anne Lowell Mickelwait (born 1938) JM747S

Aubrey Butler Mickelwait (2 May 1925 – 23 Apr 2005) JM747D

Born at at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Dr Mickelwait earned his PhD in physics from Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh, after serving in World War II as an aerial photographer in the Pacific. He worked at TRW Systems for 35 years, including as Program Director and Operations Manager for the Development of the Interplanetary Pioneer Spacecraft 1957. He also worked on the Apollo series manned spacecrafts (including that one that went to the moon in July 1969). Social Security number 562-30-4746, which corresponds to California.

Audrey Mullins Perdue (1906–1994) JM984E

Social Security number 439-52-6146, which corresponds to Louisiana.

Beverly Mickelwait JM790G

Billy Earl Jones JM792V

Boyd Newbold Hixson JM685A

Brad Braden JM984P

Brian Butler Mickelwait (born 10 Nov 1947) JM984F

Brian, son of Lois, was born in 1947 and formally adopted by Aubrey Butler Mickelwait when he married Lois in 1956.

Cecil Irving Mickelwait (1900–1984) JM791L

Cecil Clyde Scott JM656L

Charles Kizer JM792Q

Charles Ewing Mickelwait (born 1883) JM791Z

Charles Percy Mickelwait (born 1880) JM651G

Source: US 1880 Census.

Clara Elizabeth Mickelwait (born 1951) JM792T

Married in Trinity County, Texas.

Claude Bayles Mickelwait (1894–1981) JM747

Born in Glenwood, Iowa. He served in the US Army both in the 1914–18 and 1939–45 wars. Educated at The Infantry School 1927/8 and University of California 1930–35 (Law). After a distinguished military career, he retired in 1956 as The Assistant Judge Advocate General in Washington, D.C. Major General Mickelwait was entitled to numerous listed decorations and awards including foreign decorations from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Great Britain. He died in 1981. Security number 213-38-0829, which corresponds to Maryland. Find out more about him on the Obituary & Service Record page.

Cora Alice Farris JM984D

Curtis Lamoine Wagg JM791ZA

Cyrena Mickelwait (1 Apr 1858 – 11 Aug 1858) JM682

Born and died in Iowa. Buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Henry County, Iowa.

Daina Louise Mickelwait (born 1946) JM792K

Married in Trinity County, Texas.

Dale Wayne Brisco JM792U

Daniel Dionicio Martinez (born 1949) JM792R

Born in Huntsville, Texas.

David Micklethwait (born 1756) JM627

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Dean Woods Mickelwait (1901–1988) JM747P

Born in Glenwood, Iowa. Social Security number 533-20-1258, which corresponds to Washington.

Donald Richard Mickelwait (born 10 Apr 1933) JM791E

Photo of family member
Don founded Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) and was its CEO for 30 years. He holds advanced degrees in economics from the University of Oregon, the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, the George Washington University and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School. Don is a rural sector economist with extensive experience designing projects for USAID and has lived in Bangkok for 20 years. Read about his current role at Experience International Inc.

Donna Alleen Mickelwait (born 1941) JM784H

Born in Trinity, Texas. Married 29 Sep 1976 in Aransas County, Texas.

Doris Mickelwait JM790F

Dorothy Elaine Buchanan JM791EA

Edith May Legg (born 1893) JM792A

Edna Collis (1906–1996) JM790B

Social Security number 515-05-9920, which corresponds to Kansas.

Edna Mickelwait (1896–1911) JM788

Born in Glenwood, Iowa.

Edward Micklethwait (born 9 Feb 1692) JM607

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Edward Micklethwait (born 23 Dec 1740) JM619

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Elaine Fay JM747E

Elinor Micklethwait (3 Jul 1709 – 2 Jul 1715) JM611

Baptised and buried at Hemsworth, Yorkshire. See Parish Register.

Elisabeth Anne Mickelwait (born 1991) JM792Z

Elizabeth Micklethwait JM1025E

Married at Emley. Source: IGI and Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1660–1689.

Elizabeth Micklethwait JM1025M

Source: Mentioned in the will of Richard JM1025.

Elizabeth Micklethwait (born 1758) JM627A

Source: Hemsworth Parish Register. Source for this marriage: Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1660–1689.

Ellen Wood JM601

Source for this marriage: Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1660–1689. After her husband’s death, she married one Tho. Beckitt.

Ellin Micklethwait (29 Nov 1691 – 3 Dec 1691) JM606

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Elvin Mickelwait (born 1906) JM791V

Emily Anne Adamson (born 1951) JM781A

Emma Louise Converse JM679B

Emma Hurd (1876 – 5 Jan 1937) JM791S

Emma J Mickelwait (24 Jan 1863 – 22 Aug 1878) JM656F

Was buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Eva Mary Mickelwait (21 Oct 1867 – 2 Nov 1941) JM656C

Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Eva Mickelwait (born 1878) JM791F

Fanny Micklethwait (born 1760) JM627B

Source: Hemsworth Parish Register.

Fanny Micklethwait (born 1774) JM629

Baptised in Kellington Parish, Yorkshire. Married in Kellington.

Frances (died 27 May 1750) JM603

Buried at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Francis Betz JM747ZC

Fred Mickelwait (1856–1906) JM791W

Gail Krass (born 1952) JM747W

Gavin Brownlow Miller JM656J

Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Gayle Odett Mickelwait (1897–1933) JM791T

George Jennings JM627G

George Ralph Mickelwait (1866–1867) JM652A

George Mickelwait (30 Apr 1819 – 19 Apr 1908) JM647

Photo of family member
Born in Thorne, Yorkshire, England. Emigrated to Jacksonville, Illinois, USA in 1831. George and two of his brothers James JM654 and Richard JM656 made their fortunes in the gold fields. Together with brother Wheatley JM651, they purchased a large quantity of government land. Married in Morgan Company, Illinois. George was not only a great farmer, but his interests in finance led him to become the first President in 1880 of the Macedonia State Bank in Macedonia and from 1894–1898 he was President of the Mills County National Bank in Glenwood. His obituary in the Mills County Tribune on 21 Apr 1908 stated, ‘He was the last of a family of 12 children, the oldest of 7 sons, men who, as pioneers in Iowa and Nebraska, have stamped their personality on the affairs of these states in their infancy.’ He is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery along with his mother, wife and two sons Richard JM672 and James JM673.

George Seyller JM984Q

Gladys Consuelo Butler (1894–1928) JM747A

Born in Maine.

Glen N Whitney (21 Feb 1914 – 7 Oct 1985) JM787A

Godfrey M Bonaventura JM651H

Grace Ann Van Horn (30 May 1885 – 5 Jul 1937) JM656H

Daughter of G. B. and Ann Linley Van Horn. Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Grover Paul Mickelwait (18 Dec 1884 – 12 Nov 1957) JM656G

Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Harold Donald Mickelwait (1916–1962) JM784F

Born in Glenwood, Iowa. Died in Trinity, Texas.

Harold Edgar Mickelwait (1903–1974) JM791P

Harriet Gibbs (19 Feb 1823 – 19 Oct 1867) JM648

Daughter of John and Mary Gibbs Born in Yorkshire, England – buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Iowa, USA.

Helen Rastad (born 1918) JM747X

Henry Dye (27 Nov 1813 – 27 Apr 1898) JM649A

Born at Miami, County Oh and died at Macedonia, Iowa. Source:

Henry Micklethwait (born 1766) JM627F

Horace H Goldsworthy JM786A

Illisiana (1838 – 13 Jun 1905) JM651A

Source: US 1880 Census. Died of Smallpox – Reported in The Daily times-enterprise, Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Jackson P Mickelwait (1920–1991) JM791B

Social Security number 538-03-0321, which corresponds to Washington.

James Herbert Meads JM747Q

James Mason Mickelwait (1867–1938) JM784A

Born in Glenwood, Iowa. Buried in Trinity, Texas.

James Nelson Mickelwait (1908–1967) JM784C

Born in Glenwood, Iowa. Died at Hackberry, Louisiana. Social Security number 466-10-3244 which corresponds to Texas.

James Mickelwait (27 Mar 1827 – 9 Feb 1892) JM654

Born in Thorne, Yorkshire and emigrated with his parents to the USA in 1831 at the age of four. He is one of the brothers that travelled to California in 1849, where he remained for 14 months and made it rich in the gold field mines. He was a farmer but also erected an elevator company at Hillsdale, Iowa with his son-in-law W.M. Coats. and handled large amount of grain loaded on rail and headed to Omaha, NE for processing. He became the Hon. James Micklethwait (Mickelwait) – was Mill’s County Iowa’s representative in the Fifteenth General Assembly. He was elected on the anti-monopoly ticket and served with credit to himself and constituency. He was also the Secretary of State for Iowa. This is a government position that still exists in the US in 2007. Buried at Glenwood Cemetery Mills County, Iowa. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa.

Jane Mickelwait (1 Jun 1823 – 25 Sep 1861) JM649

Born in Heck, Yorkshire and emigrated to the USA in 1831. Buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

Jane (born 1906) JM792ZC

1940 Census.

Janet Mickelwait (born 1958) JM747Y

Janet Mickelwait (born 1953) JM791D

Jay B Mickelwait (born 1953) JM747L

Of Herndon.

Jeanette Ethel Nelson (1886–1964) JM784B

Born in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Died at Trinity, Texas.

Jeff George JM984R

Joel Semmes Mickelwait (born 1980) JM792X

John Wheelock Hammond JM655A

John Francis Lingenfelter JM680A

John Semmes Mickelwait (born 1940) JM747T

John Mickelwait (5 Jan 1821 – 15 Jan 1901) JM652

Born in Heck, Yorkshire. Emigrated to the USA in 1831. Buried in Hillsboro Cemetery, Iowa. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa.

John Micklethwait (7 Mar 1688 – 18 May 1689) JM605

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

John Micklethwait (born 1725) JM615B

Source: Hemsworth Parish Register

John Micklethwait (born 13 Dec 1728) JM617

Of Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

John Micklethwait (5 May 1743 – 23 Feb 1831) JM620

John of Whitley. Baptised at Hemsworth, married 16 Apr 1770 at Kellington, buried at Thorne all in Yorkshire.

John Micklethwait (13 Jul 1777 – 2 Dec 1862) JM630

John of Beal and Snaith, baptised in Kellington Parish; married firstly in Kellington Parish 15 Dec 1800; married secondly in Snaith Parish 28 Nov 1803; buried in Snaith Parish, all in Yorkshire. The 1841 Census mentions a John and Jane Micklethwaite living at Gowdall, Snaith whose ages appear to be very approximately correct. John is shown as being an agricultural labourer.

John Willoughby Mickelwait (23 Mar 1852 – 25 Apr 1933) JM679

Born in Hillsboro, Iowa – married in 1877 in Fulton County, Illinois. Buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Iowa.

Jonas Micklethwait (1628–1629) JM1025G

Source: Cawthorne Bishop’s Transcripts.

Jonas Micklethwait (1630–1633) JM1025H

Source: Cawthorne Bishop’s Transcripts.

Jonathan Micklethwait (died 3 Jun 1700) JM600

Of Clayton. Buried 3 Jun 1700 in Hemsworth, Yorkshire. Mentioned in the will of Richard JM1025.

Jonathan Micklethwait (20 May 1697 – 11 Mar 1700) JM609

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Jonathan Micklethwait (22 Nov 1711 – 26 Mar 1785) JM612

Baptised and buried at Hemsworth, Yorkshire. Source: Hemsworth and Felkirk Parish Registers.

Jonathan Micklethwait (born 15 Feb 1739) JM618

Baptised at Hemsworth Yorkshire.

Jonathan Micklethwait (1785–1861) JM635

Baptised in Kellington – married in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. Also see this ancestor on Branch 4b.

Jonell R Dunn (1947–1984) JM747ZA

Grave shown on

Joseph Mickelwait (31 Jan 1833–1888) JM657

Born in Jacksonville, Morgan County. Illinois. Farmer and stock raiser. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa.

Joseph Micklethwait (1632–1661) JM1025L

Of the parish of Cawthorne. Source: Cawthorne Parish Register and Bishop’s Transcripts. Mentioned in the will of Richard JM1025.

Joseph Micklethwait (31 Oct 1699 – 22 Nov 1699) JM610

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Joseph Micklethwait (born 1754) JM626

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Kate Mickelwait (1860–1907) JM791X

Kenneth Bickford Mickelwait (1919–2003) JM747F

Born in California. Social Security number 557-18-1660, which corresponds to California.

Kenneth Jude Mickelwait (born 8 Feb 1974) JM984G

Kenneth Wilson Nelson JM747ZB

Kirsten Mickelwait (born 1955) JM747Z

Krissa Anne Mickelwait (born 1984) JM792Y

Kurt Mickelwait (born 1961) JM747M

Of McLean.

Kyle Thomas Mickelwait (born 1978) JM781E

Laila Wissam Haddad (born 1982) JM792ZA

Laura Nevada Mickelwait (10 Dec 1854 – 2 Jul 1951) JM686

Born in Iowa.

Laurie Jean Mickelwait (born 25 Apr 1957) JM984H

Lawrence Stone JM784L

Leigh Anne Mickelwait (born 1982) JM781H

Leona Havelka (1909–1980) JM656M

Social Security number 507-46-0835, which corresponds to Nebraska.

Leslie (born 1982) JM984U

They had two children (names unknown) under the age of 18 when they divorced in Williamson County, Texas on 22 Jan 2008.

Lillie Mickelwait (born 1868) JM651C

Source: US 1880 Census.

Lincoln Mickelwait (8 Apr 1860 – 31 Jul 1880) JM683

Born and buried at Hillsboro, Henry County, Iowa.

Lois Jean Rupe (21 Dec 1922 – 14 Nov 1989) JM984J

Social Security number 284-20-0966, which corresponds to Ohio.

Lowell Pitzer Mickelwait (1905–1995) JM747B

Of Seattle, Washington. born in Glenwood, Iowa. Obtained Law degree at the University of Washington. Vice President Industrial Public Relations – Boeing Co. Social Security number 531-05-4051, which corresponds to Washington.

Lucy Emma Mickelwait (6 Jan 1857 – 4 Jun 1950) JM680

Born in Iowa – died in Red Bluff, Tehama, California.

Lulu Miriam Mickelwait (1876–1900) JM656E

Luman Frederick Potter JM789

Lynn Hurst JM792M

Mabel Bertha Goehring (1900–1978) JM791M

Security number 721-05-5836, which corresponds to Railroad Board. Railroad workers were covered by the Railroad Retirement Board before Social Security was founded. A portion of each railroad pension is designated as “equivalent” to Social Security.

Mabel Clare Mickelwait (1893–1985) JM787

Born in Glenwood, Iowa.

Mabel Gertrude Pettijohn (1901–1997) JM791A

Social Security number 536-22-4152, which corresponds to Washington.

Maggie M Mickelwait (11 Feb 1865 – 15 Jul 1946) JM656B

Buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Malcolm Pitzer Mickelwait (1922–2005) JM747G

Born in California. US Air Force Colonel. Social Security number 577-22-8890, which corresponds to District of Columbia.

Marcia Lynn (born 1965) JM781B

Marian Clyde Cook (2nd wife) (1901–1981) JM747V

Social Security number 579-60-9067, which corresponds to District of Columbia.

Marilyn Adele Micheels (born 1936) JM984K

Martha Micklethwait (born 1635) JM1025J

Source: Cawthorne Bishop’s Transcripts.

Martha Micklethwait (born 1764) JM627C

Source: Hemsworth Parish Register.

Mary Lee Mickelwait (born 1950) JM747N

Of Derwood MD.

Mary Lucille Mickelwait (born 1905) JM791Q

Mary Micklethwait (born 13 Apr 1687) JM604

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Mary Micklethwait (born 4 Nov 1723) JM616

Of Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Mary Micklethwait (born 1764) JM627E

Source: Hemsworth Parish Register.

Mary Moore JM633A

Source: Kellington Bishops Transcripts.

Mary Elizabeth Morrison (9 Jan 1842 – 17 Dec 1922) JM656A

Daughter of Joseph and Miriam Baugh Morrison. Was buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Mary Unknown JM1025Q

Mary Alice Mickelwait (4 Sep 1861 – 31 Jul 1920) JM685

Born in Iowa.

Maud Mickelwait (born 1876) JM651F

Source: US 1880 Census.

May Pitzer (1867–1956) JM785

Born in Nebraska.

Mildred Summersal Finnow Moore. (born 11 Jan 1741) JM621

Of Egboro, baptised 11 Jan 1741, daughter of Wm. Moore and Mary Finnow, married 16 Apr 1770 in Kellington Parish, Yorkshire.

Milly Micklethwait JM628

Baptised in Kellington Parish, Yorkshire.

Nancy Barr (born 1836–1907) JM657A

Of Henry County,Iowa. Born in Ohio.

Nancy Shemblen (born 1855) JM679A

Buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Henry County, Iowa. Known as Nanie – see grave.

Nellie B Mickelwait (born 1891) JM786

Born in Glenwood, Iowa.

Nellie Mickelwait (born 1862) JM651B

Source: US 1880 Census.

Nettie B Howe (born 1875) JM791K

Nicholas Micklethwait JM1025S


Nicholas Walshawe or Balfure JM1025D

Source: Mentioned in the will of Richard of Cawthorne JM1025.

Nina Alleen Walker (1919–2006) JM784G

Olive Mickelwait (1858–1858) JM791ZB

Olive Rhodes (died 8 Sep 1757) JM613

Married at Felkirk. Buried at Hemsworth, Yorkshire. Sources: Felkirk and Hemsworth Parish Registers.

Pamela Butler (born 1950) JM793

Patricia S Aspinwall (born 1950) JM984L

Paul Morrison Mickelwait (1906–1909) JM793A

Ralph R Mickelwait (1872 – 22 Jul 1934) JM656D

Ralph Mickelwait (1907–1973) JM791R

Social Security number 329-05-2004, which corresponds to Illinois.

Richard Riley King Jr (born 1939) JM792S

Born in Dallas, Texas.

Richard E Mickelwait (1901–1976) JM791U

Social Security number 560-16-4897, which corresponds to California.

Richard Mickelwait (8 Sep 1830 – 22 Feb 1899) JM656

Born in Thorne, Yorkshire and emigrated to the USA in 1831. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa. A prominent farmer of Mills County, Iowa. He owned a fine farm of 500 acres, a large house and a commodious barn. Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Richard Micklethwait (died 1683) JM1025

Of Cawthorne. Source: Cawthorne Bishop’s Transcripts. Also paid Hearth Tax in 1672. Will obtained dated 1670 – proved 1683.

Richard Micklethwait (born 1626) JM1025F

Source: Cawthorne Bishop’s Transcripts. Mentioned in the will of Richard JM1025.

Richard Micklethwait (born 10 May 1714) JM614

Baptised at Hemsworth Yorkshire.

Richard Micklethwait (born 22 Sep 1745) JM622

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Richard Micklethwait (born 1780) JM633

Baptised in Kellington Parish, Yorkshire.

Richard Micklethwait (1685 – 30 Apr 1744) JM602

Baptised in High Hoyland and buried at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Robert Allin Coffen (1930–2000) JM784K

Born San Antonio, Texas. Died Huntsville, Texas.

Robert A Graves JM686A

Robert Bruce Mickelwait (born 16 Oct 1976) JM984M

Roy Ernest Metzler JM790D

Russ Peterson JM781C

Ruth Bicking (1921–1987) JM747H

Born in Forty Fort, PA. Social Security number 225-66-2379, which corresponds to Virginia.

Ruth Ann Mickelwait (born 1954) JM747J

Of Silver Spring.

Ruth Ellen Mickelwait (1930–1996) JM791N

Social Security number 320-26-8964, which corresponds to Illinois.

Samuel H Mickelwait (1863–1926) JM791J

Sara Clayton JM1025P

Of the parish of Hoyland. Source: Cawthorne Parish Register and mentioned but unnamed in the will of Richard JM1025.

Sarah A Bayles (7 Feb 1828 – 8 Mar 1907) JM783

Daughter of Joseph and Ann Arrowsmith Bayles, born in Champaign County, Ohio and married 7 Mar 1852. Was buried at Glenwood Cemetery Mills County, Iowa.

Sarah Ann Mickelwait (born 1950) JM792W

First marriage in Trinity, Texas. Second marriage in Crockett, Texas.

Sarah Annie Mickelwait (born 22 Oct 1868) JM790

Sarah Christie Mickelwait (born 1942) JM747U

Sarah Elizabeth Mickelwait (1856–1936) JM790A

Sarah Micklethwait (born 1638) JM1025K

Source: Cawthorne Bishop’s Transcripts.

Sarah Chandler Hammond (21 Mar 1829 – 25 Jan 1901) JM653

Married on 11 Jun 1851 and died in Iowa at the age of 71. Buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Henry County, Iowa.

Selena Mickelwait (1 Apr 1858 – 22 Mar 1921) JM681

Born in Iowa. Buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Henry County, Iowa.

Shirley Maxime Mickelwait (born 1928) JM790E

Stacy Sleanus Baker JM792J

Stephen Bickford (1948–2012) JM781D

Steven Alan Mickelwait (born 1947) JM747K

Of Chantilly.

Stone JM792N

Susannah Wood (31 Dec 1794 – 25 Jan 1879) JM637

Born in Sykehouse, Yorkshire, England. Married 17 Jun 1816. Emigrated to Jacksonville, Illinois, USA on 3 Apr 1831. Her first nine children were born in England and the tenth was born in the USA. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa. Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Susannah Nira Mickelwait (1 Sep 1853 – 27 Aug 1946) JM684

Born and died in Iowa.

Theresa Spencer (born 1975) JM781F

Theresa (Phe) JM984S

Thiel Kretchmer JM792P

Thomas Micklethwait (born 1750) JM624

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Trudy Lee Mickelwait (born 19 Apr 1959) JM984N

Unknown Mickelwait (16 Aug 1864 – 20 Aug 1864) JM654B

Buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Mills County, Iowa.

Unknown Micklethwait JM1025R

Unknown JM1025A

Source: Mentioned in the will of Richard JM1025.

Victor Jacob Zacharias Jr. (born 1942) JM784J

Born in Shiner, Texas.

Virginia E Strange (born 1920) JM792L

Wallace M Coats JM790C

Wheatley Mickelwait (1826–1898) JM651

Born in Heck, Yorkshire. Emigrated to the USA in 1831. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa. Shown with his wife and family in the US 1880 Census to be living in Plattsmouth, Cass, Nebraska.

Wilbur Wallace Mickelwait (16 Aug 1864–1915) JM784

Born in Glenwood, Iowa. Vice President of the State Bank at Tabor, Iowa and a Director in the State Bank at Macedonia.

Willaby Mickelwait (born 1873) JM651E

Source: US 1880 Census.

William Micklethwait (1721–1780) JM615A

Born at Hemsworth. Source: Hemsworth Parish Register. Died in Thorne.

William Senyear JM629A

William Skillicorn JM656K

Willoughby Mickelwait (1824–1878) JM650

Born in Heck, Yorkshire. Emigrated to the USA in 1831. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa.

Willoughby Micklethwait (born 1751) JM625

Baptised at Hemsworth, Yorkshire.

Willoughby Micklethwait (1786 – 15 Feb 1856) JM636

Baptised 25 Dec 1787 in Kellington Parish, Yorkshire, England, married Susannah Wood on 17 Jun 1816 at Sykehouse Church, Fishlake Parish, Yorkshire. In Feb 1822, he purchased The Bay Horse Inn at Heck, Snaith Parish, Yorkshire, selling out in Mar 1831 and led a party which emigrated to the USA. Sailed for Baltimore, Maryland on 3 Apr 1831. On arrival they made their way west to Pittsburgh and then down the Ohio River in a keelboat to Portsmouth, Ohio. At Portsmouth, three of the party (namely Joseph Micklethwait and the Raynors) disembarked whilst the remainder of went on to Jacksonville, Illinois. Willoughby bought land on arrival and changed his surname into Mickelwait. It is said that he could not write and signed documents with a cross. In about 1840, Willoughby and his family moved on across the Missippi River and settled near Hillsboro, Henry County, Iowa. Was in the 1850 Census in Henry County, Iowa. In 1851, his son George and three of his brothers moved on to Mills County, Iowa. Willoughby died 15 Feb 1856 in Hillsboro. He is mentioned on the Origin & History page.

Mullins JM781G

Passemonte JM747QA

Roebuck JM747R