Branch 1c family members

Photo of building
Claxton Grange, Bossall, Yorkshire

Following are the family members of Branch 1c sorted in alphabetical order by first name.

You can see how these family members relate to each other in a PDF of this branch of the family tree. Note: it is best to use the family member’s full name when searching for them on the PDF.

Adrian Micklethwait (1943–1991) JM251

Agnes Teresa Micklethwait (16 Oct 1898 – 29 Sep 1921) JM185M

Born in York, Yorkshire – died in Whitehall, Montana, USA. Source: 1901 Census and IGI.

Agnes Smith (born 1904) JM221

Albert Trim (23 Jan 1911 – 28 May 1977) JM283E

Alfred C Micklethwait (born 1929) JM184ZB

Born in Bishop Auckland.

Alfred Micklethwait (born 1883) JM215

Baptised at St. Mary Bishophill Senior, York on 18 Jul 1883.

Alice Mortimer (1872­ 16 Nov 1943) JM185L

Daughter of Henry and Anna Mortimer; born in Appleton Poebridge, Yorkshire; married in Tadcaster England and died in Seattle, King, Washington, USA. Source: 1901 Census and IGI.

Amanda Micklethwait (born 1962) JM185B

Married at St Catherines Church on 17 Apr 1982; divorced in 1986.

Amy Isabel Pattinson (6 Jan 1914 – 10 Jan 1992) JM184P

Born in Stanhope, County Durham. Married 4 Aug 1938 at Howden le Wear, County Durham.

Amy S Pickering JM283S

Andrew Paul Faber Micklethwait (1967 – 1989) JM281

Annie Micklethwait (born 1898) JM184L

Born in York. Source: Freebmd.

Audry Diana Micklethwait (born 1936) JM247

Barbara S Micklethwait (born 1931) JM218E

Born in Edmonton.

Beatrice Lee JM283W

Beatrice Grace Micklethwait (born 24 Jul 2009) JM283C

Born at York District Hospital.

Betty Barker (born 13 Nov 1942) JM283Y

Cameron Joseph Faber Micklethwait (born 11 Dec 2006) JM283B

Clara Eleanor Micklethwait (1895–1986) JM223

Daphne Jean (born 1925) JM218F

David Faber Micklethwait (born 1940) JM248

Married firstly at Fulford Parish Church 4 Sep 1965; divorced 17 Sep 1981.

David John Micklethwait (born 3 Jan 1967) JM181G

David Richard Micklethwait (born 1940) JM184Q

David Tonks (born 8 Apr 1947) JM184S

Born in Sedgefield, County Durham.

David Wood (born 1939) JM181F

David Roberts Worthington (10 Jun 1936 – 21 May 2001) JM283Q

Debra Louise Micklethwait (born 20 Sep 1965) JM283Z

Donald Faber Micklethwait (1900 – 1 Mar 1955) JM185Q

Born in Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire – died in Butte, Montana, USA. Source: 1901 Census and IGI.

Donald Micklethwait (28 Mar 1923 – 1985) JM185V

US Social Security number 531-26-9785 which corresponds to Washington.

Donald Micklethwait (born 1923) JM184Y

Born in Darlington.

Doreen Micklethwait (born 1923) JM218D

Doreen Micklethwait (born 1925) JM184Z

Born in Bishop Auckland.

Doris M Micklethwait (born 1911) JM248B

Born in Steyning Sussex.

Doris Micklethwait (born 1917) JM283X

Born in York.

Dorne Micklethwait (born 1965) JM185G

Married on 18 Jun 1994.

Dorothea G Symonds JM215A

Married at Kingston upon Thames.

Dorothy Pruett (11 Nov 1902 – 1986) JM185U

US Social Security number 531-26-9785 which corresponds to Washington.

Edgar Micklethwait (1909–1991) JM283M

Born in York.

Edith Micklethwait (born 1888) JM217

Edmond F B Lucas JM248A

Edward Alfred Micklethwait (1847–1930) JM188

Married firstly 18 September 1880 at St Thomas, York. See also 1871 Census.

Edward Micklethwait (1900–1977) JM184V

Source 1901 Census.

Edward Micklethwait (born 1869) JM184A

Baptised 28 Mar 1869 at St. Lawrence, York. Sources 1881 and 1901 Census.

Eleanor Micklethwait (born 1836) JM183

Baptized at Huttons Ambo, Yorkshire; married 24 Oct1864 at Wheldrake, Yorkshire. See also 1841 Census.

Eleanor Ord (1838–1922) JM185

Married North Grimston 17 Aug 1868. See also 1841 Census.

Eliza Emma Smith (2nd wife) (born 1858) JM190

Elizabeth Ann Rhodes (born 1838) JM182A

Baptised in Escrick. Source: 1871 and 1881 Census returns.

Eric Micklethwait (born 1922) JM184X

Born in Darlington.

Eric Micklethwait (8 Jan 1913 – 10 Mar 1994) JM184N

Evelyn Micklethwait (29 Feb 1896 – 26 Jun 1986) JM185P

Born in Appleton Poebridge, Yorkshire. Married in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Died in Seattle, King, Washington, USA. Source: 1901 Census and IGI.

Forest R Fink 185ZA

Frances Mary Micklethwait (born 1909) JM283U

Born at Steyning Sussex. Married in Bournemouth.

Frederick Charles Fewster (born 13 Feb 1903) JM181H

Born in York.

Frederick Micklethwait (born 1900) JM184K

Born in York. Source: Freebmd.

Frederick Micklethwait (1874–1940) 184D

Baptised at St. Lawrence, York on 29 Mar 1874. The 1901 Census shows him living with his first wife Harriet; their daughter Annie; their son Frederick in East Thickley, County Durham.

Gillian Ann Smith (2nd wife) (born 1941) JM250

Harold Freeman Teesdale (1904–1977) JM225

Harriet Faber (1780–1836) JM146

Only daughter of Thomas Faber Esq. of Leeds; married 11 Dec 1793 in St Peter’s, Leeds; buried at Leeds. There are two brasses in the City of Leeds room in the church of St Peter, Leeds. The second one states: Also, of the above-named Harriett Micklethwait who died 26 Jan 1836 aged 56 years.

Harriet Micklethwait (1840–1907) JM186

Harriet Micklethwait (born 1902) JM184M

Born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. Source: Freebmd.

Harriet Ward JM184E

Married on 27 Oct 1897 at St Pauls, York.

Henry Adrian Micklethwait (1904–1971) JM220

Hilda Micklethwait (born 1916) JM218C

Born in Islington.

Hilda Micklethwait (1885–1965) JM216

Baptised at St. Mary Bishophill Junior, York on 8 October 1885.

Hjalmar C Offerdahl (13 Nov 1893–1976) JM185T

Born in St Paul, Ramsay, Minnesota, USA. Died in Seattle, King, Washington, USA.

Ian David Micklethwait (born 1971) JM282

Ian Moralee (1st husband) (born 1961) JM185D

Irene Eleanor Birch (19 Jul 1906 – 22 Feb 1989) JM283L

Irene Micklethwait (19 Mar 1911–1993) JM283P

Born in York.

Irene Micklethwait (born 1927) JM184ZA

Born in Bishop Auckland.

J B Wilkinson JM283R

Jane Harriet Micklethwait (born 1893) JM219

Jane E Skilbeck (born 1876) JM184U

Source 1901 Census. Married in York.

Jane Stones (1st wife) (1855–1895) JM189

Janet Hazel Micklethwait (born 5 Sep 1940) JM181D

Janet Micklethwait (born 1963) JM185E

Married firstly 9 August 1980; divorced in 1984 and married secondly on 20 August 1999.

Joanna Catherine Hopkins (born 10 Mar 1976) JM283A

Married on 25 September 2004 at St Oswalds Church, Fulford, York.

John Kendall JM168

John Leslie Micklethwait (25 Feb 1905 – 24 Feb 1982) JM283G

Born in York.

John Richard Micklethwait (29 Dec 1903 – 24 Aug 1971) JM185S

Born in York, Yorkshire – died in Seattle, King, Washington, USA. Source: IGI. US Social Security number 535-07-8539 which corresponds to Washington.

John Walker Micklethwait (1878–1950) JM184H

John Micklethwait (1844–1915) JM187B

Source: 1851 Census and onwards.

Jonathan Meek JM181C

Katja Katarina Brune (born 1964) JM185Z

Born in West Germany. Married in County King, USA.

Lillian May (died 1984) JM283H

Lily Julia Micklethwait (born 1915) JM283V

Born at Hemel Hempstead.

Lily Eliza Verrell JM283T

Married in Steyning, Sussex.

Lionel Cooper (9 Jul 1923 – 15 May 1980) JM283F

Mabel Annie Micklethwait (1897–1898) JM224

Margaret Micklethwait (born 1803) JM169

Married 16 Mar 1837 at Claxton Grange, Bossall, Yorkshire (see photo at top of page). Source: Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1660–1689.

Margaret Anne Reeson (1st wife) (born 1942) JM249

Marie A Clarke JM218A

Married in Islington.

Marie E Micklethwait (born 1914) JM218B

Born in Islington.

Martin Joseph Hibbitts (born 1975) JM185J

Mary Ann Micklethwait (1796–1847) JM167

Married in the Parish Church, Parish of Kirklington. Copy of marriage certificate obtained.

Mary Gillen Micklethwait (born 1872) JM184C

Baptised at St. Lawrence, York on 14 Apr 1872. Please also see remarks under Richard Micklethwait JM187.

Mary Micklethwait (born 1881) JM214

Baptised at St. Thomas, York on 6 Mar 1881.

Mary Micklethwait (born 1832) JM181A

Source: 1841 Census. Also married at St Mary Bishop Hill Junior, York.

Mary Potts (1813 – 3 Feb 1887) JM165

Married 5 Mar 1832 at St Peter’s Church, Leeds. See also 1841 and 1871 Census returns. Source: Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1660-1689. Will exists.

Mary Reynolds (8 Feb 1931 – 29 Mar 2001) JM185W

US Social Security number 533-26-9054 which corresponds to Washington.

Maude Corrie JM184W

Married in Darlington.

Michael Carson (born 1959) JM185A

Minnie Micklethwait (1899–1977) JM226

Pamela Hall (born 1942) JM184R

Reginald William Tate (14 Jan 1935 – 12 Dec 1985) JM283J

Richard Ronald Micklethwait (born 1975) JM185H

Richard Micklethwait (born 1842) JM187

Born 1842 at Astney Coach House, Claxton, Yorkshire – lodging housekeeper at Ardsley House in Bournemouth. Sources: 1871, 1881 and 1901 Census.

Richard Micklethwait (born 1880) JM184J

Richard Pegg JM183A

Robert Brown (born 1832) JM181B

Roger Micklethwait (22 Feb 1938 – 3 Feb 1991) JM283N

Rosemary Micklethwait (born 7 Mar 1947) JM184T

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne. Married 1 Nov 1969 in Lanchester, County Durham.

Rosina Micklethwait (16 Sep 1902–1993) JM185R

Born in Yorkshire. Married in County King – died in Seattle, King, Washington, USA. Source: IGI.

Sara Lee Ann Micklethwait (born 1975) JM185K

Married on 20 July 2001.

Sarah Ann Hopkinson (born 1846) JM187A

Source: 1871, 1881 and 1901 Census. Born in Desford.

Stella (16 Jan 1906 – 14 Jul 1999) JM185X

US Social Security Number 531-12-8901 which corresponds to Washington.

Stephen Bernard (2nd husband) (born 1962) JM185C

Steven James Micklethwait (born 1972) JM283

Sylvia Diane Micklethwait (born 26 Mar 1943) JM181E

Thomas Colley (4 Sep 1801 – 18 Jul 1849) JM166

Thomas Charles Micklethwait (born 1955) JM185Y

Born in Washington, USA.

Thomas Charles Micklethwait (1875 – 20 Feb 1948) JM184G

Baptised at St. Lawrence, York on 13 Feb 1876. Source: 1901 Census and IGI. Emigrated to Seattle, USA. He is mentioned on the Origin & History page.

Thomas Faber Micklethwait (born 1890) JM218

Thomas Faber Micklethwait (1805–1862) JM164

Of Bossall. See 1841 Census. Find out more about him on the Homes and Churches page.

Thomas Faber Micklethwait (born 1794) JM162

Died in infancy

Thomas Micklethwait (born 1835) JM182

Baptized at Huttons Ambo, Yorkshire. See also 1841 and 1871 Census returns.

Thomas Micklethwait (1766–1839) JM145

For more information, see Thomas JM145 on Branch 1a.

Thomas Wray (1898–1951) JM222

Unnamed Micklethwait (1907–1907) JM185N

Stillborn in Vancouver, Canada. Source: IGI.

Vera Mary Limbert (24 Nov 1908 – 29 Apr 1988) JM283K

Watson Fairgrieve (born 1961) JM185F

William F Micklethwait (1870–1951) JM184B

Baptised on 14 Aug 1870 at St. Lawrence, York.

William Faber Micklethwait (1907–1908) JM283D

Born in York.

William Faber Micklethwait (1838–1925) JM184

Farmer of Claxton, Yorkshire. Living at Wood House, Naburn, Yorkshire. Sources 1841 and 1881 Census. Find out more about him on the Homes and Churches page.

William Micklethwait (1800–1817) JM163

There are two brasses on a stone on the floor of the choir, below a blank shield, in the Church of St Peter, Leeds. The first one states: Also, of William, the son of Thomas and Harriett Micklethwait of Claxton Grange, who died 17 Mar 1817 aged 17 years.